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I know that title is maybe not what you expected me to say, after-all I am the girl who writes about her feelings constantly, and loves to share the real parts of everyday life with you lot.

But sometimes, you don’t have to write about it.

There’s certain situations in my life that I know I will never write about, for various reasons. They involve other family members that I wouldn’t see fair to divulge information about, some things just feel a bit too close to home to, and other stuff I simply haven’t worked out myself yet, so I can’t offer any words of advice or anyone else.

I had quite a triggered moment the other day, and my first thought was to write a post about it and see if that lightens the load that it brought me. But some thing just felt a little ‘off’, it didn’t feel quite right to talk about it in words on a page which will stay on my blog forever. As much as I want to share my life online, (LINK) I would never post anything that goes against my gut instinct. That’s just the way I work and my compass for what to post.

Instead, I rolled out my yoga mat, put on my favourite songs and worked it out by myself, moving my body in ways I needed and soothing my soul with words that comfort me. I let myself think and feel without judgement, and without the need for a conclusion.

I felt so much calmer afterwards, and I still had that feeling of relieve that I get when I’ve wrote something down.

Do you think theres some things you don’t have to write about, what would you do instead? 


  • I agree with you. I am very clear with myself about what to share and not to share on social media. There are things that just too personal to share, or involved other people. That’s why I also keep a journal with me to keep the thoughts that I want to keep for myself only

    • I LOVE journaling, infact I just wrote a post about it coming up in a few weeks! xx

  • I totally agree! Sometimes I write it out just for myself and then delete it all. There are some things that don’t need to be shared <3

  • I really like to write about things that have happened but there’s definitely a line (that sometimes shifts) that dictates what I want to share on my blog or social. I do share a lot of it, but for the things that I dont I sometimes just write them down in a notebook or something instead – that way, I get the therapeutic experience of writing it out but it goes nowhere near publication! Yoga is such a good way to go about it xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • I loooove my journal, and of course talking about it with loved ones always helps. Some things just need a bit more privacy don’t they? xx

  • Another great post, Natalie. 🙂 I love writing out my feelings, but the majority of them end up in a journal. I do love to blog about topics I think would help others, but some things are just too personal to share!


    • Thanks so much Madi! I’ve just wrote a post about journaling going up in a few weeks actually 🙂 xx

  • I agree totally! I’m all for being honest and sharing my feelings on my blog but there are some things that we don’t need to write about for privacy issues. Blogging can be very therapeutic but when I find that it’s something I don’t want to share on the blog, I simply talk to myself or talk to a friend 🙂

    Coco Bella Blog

  • I completely agree, there are family matters and aspects about my personality (my profound crude sense of humour) that I won’t fully divulge on the blog or social media because it’s personal to me and I don’t want to give people the opportunity to tear down aspects of my personal life. That said, I did share the story of when I got engaged and it was nice to share a more personal post. I think the title of this post can relate to other aspects too. Just because you’re eating somewhere you don’t always have to blog about it. You can enjoy something for what it is and live for the moment rather than analysing everything for a potential blog post 🙂 I agree writing down thoughts and feelings helps me out too, it’s quite therapeutic 🙂
    Jaz xoxo

  • Amy Eade

    I definitely agree with this, just because we write about a lot of our lives and want to share/feel ‘relatable’ etc there are some things that are right to be just for us, maybe because they include other people or maybe just because we don’t want to share them on a platform with people we don’t know that well. There are definitely some things that I would never write on my blog for everyone to see and I think that’s OK!
    Amy xx

  • Diana Maria

    I couldn’t agree more Natalie! I think there are some things I wouldn’t write about and instead would work through in other ways, to keep my privacy ass well. I think at the end of the day it’s our judgement call on what we’d like to share and it’s completely okay to save some things for ourselves and those in our lives! I’m glad yoga was able to help you through it, yoga is such a wonderful practise xx

    Sending light & love your way,

    My Lovelier Days

  • Lovely true words and so wise xxx

    Best wishes x

    Keep Calm and start writing

  • I think there are certain things that shouldn’t be spoken about – such as personal things that involve family and friends, as those kinds of things aren’t your story to tell (unless you have their permission). Obviously, anything that promotes hate, gossip or prejudice or anything like that should never be posted online but in terms of other topics like mental health, social issues, politics – as long as you have something to offer to others (whether that be comfort, inspiration, a greater understanding of a particular experience, etc) and it helps you in some way then I don’t see why not. I think it all depends on the individual and how they handle things. Enjoyed reading this post!

    Alicia |

  • Loved this post! I completely agree that sometimes you just need to work through things without sharing it with the world. But I still do this by writing, hahaha. I find the act of physically writing it down so soothing and love the safe space free of judgment that I get from journaling! I get the same kind of feeling from yoga as well though, I should definitely do it more often! xoxo

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