When Coast* send me over this absolutely gorgeous dress as part of their new Wedding guest range, I had to sit patiently and wait for some decent Spring weather to finally roll around so I could somewhat do it justice. I mean, this dress *deserves* some sunshine doesn’t it?

With that in mind, I realised how much I cannot wait for Spring to arrive, and I’d thought I would share a to-do list for us all to join in with over these lighter months. Let’s not let them go to waste, especially since Winter lasted FOREVER.

  • Have a picnic! I know it’s not going to be *that* warm, so bundle up lots of cosy jumpers, blankets and a bag full of yummy food, and enjoy the afternoon rays.
  • Get your creative juices flowing. Have a blog post brainstorm, think about a new Instagram theme, or just take your camera outside and see what you come up with.
  • Browse Pinterest for some fresher, lighter meals for this season. I always think it’s such a good place for food inspo!
  • Stream-line your makeup and skincare. I always think the best part about going into a *slightly* warmer season is that I can adjust my beauty routine accordingly. In comes the tinted moisturisers and out goes the foundations! More letting your skin breathe with hydrating coverages, and less clogging with rich heavy moisturisers that we desperately needed for our dry chapped skin a few months ago.
  • Plan some family time in your diary. Now that it doesn’t get dark at 3pm, I’m planning on getting in my loungewear at a slightly later, more appropriate time, and spending some hours having some quality time with my loved ones.
  • Look at your wardrobe. Do you need some more colours in there? Is it looking a bit.. cramped? Whether that’s going shopping for some new additions or decluttering your clothes, you’ll feel better after!
  • Mix up your exercise routine. I’m planning on doing lots more walking these next few months now it’s hopefully a little bit warmer out there, and I really want to start swimming again too.

  • Plan some outdoor activities! Whether that’s a family bbq, a game of tennis or even just walking a little bit more, enjoy the weather.
  • Change up the home decor. Buy yourself some fresh blooms and start introducing some lighter colours into the house. I’m thinking lots of pastels and yellow.
  • Get inspired. Everything starts to feel a bit lighter when Spring rolls around, so make the most of this time and download some new podcasts or change up your Instagram theme.


Do you have any plans for this Spring?


*Gifted item.


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