The thing I’ve been pondering a lot about lately, is staying true to yourself whilst blogging. Especially when it comes to sharing and promoting.

I’m so proud of my little space. I don’t want to try to *trick* people into coming here, if they want to and are interested, that’s awesome. I don’t want to promote myself on every single platform I can saying ‘hey guys check me out’. (Nothing wrong with this though by the way!) I feel like my blog speaks for itself, as does everyones I’m sure. It doesn’t need to go and try to grab attention.

I always want to stay true to myself no matter how big the following may be. I don’t want to clickbait or use snazzy ways to get more hits by not being authentic.

I hope one day this blog could turn into a way that I earn income. That would be one of my dreams, right there. But I will never do it by trying to pressure people into visiting.

Until then, its my hobby. And I love it.


Whats your take on this guys? 



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