I’ve never been a patient person, and I’ve always found it really difficult to wait for things. Whether that’s waiting till 3pm for an afternoon biscuit, or the months it takes till you achieve one of your lusted after goals, patience is not my forte.

But, we all know the best things are the ones worth waiting for, so I’m trying to get a hold on my inner demanding child and learn to smell the roses in-between. Here’s what I’m doing to remind myself to hang in there…


What’s meant for you will never pass you by

I just LOVE this quote, and it really makes me stop in my tracks and remember to surrender to the universe, and something bigger than me and ‘my’ plans. Sometimes we like to think we are the one calling the shots, but I do like to see it the other way every now and again. It’s not helpless, it’s trusting in the process.


Take stock of where you are at 

When we are so focused on getting our goals and achievements, we often lose track of how far we’ve come to get to that point. I know I forget about this all the time.

When you’re working towards your next follower count, remember how many you started at. When you’re waiting to get promoted at work, remember your first ever day there and how many awesome skills you’ve learned along the way. YOU did this. Be proud of yourself.

Sometimes it’s in the journey

There are moments when you reach that destination, when you see things a little differently. You wish you could go back and enjoy the journey towards it a touch more, maybe you wish you weren’t so focused on the outcome from the get-go.

Enjoying ourselves along the way will always make us feel good, and most likely we’ll feel even better when we eventually get there too.

Embrace the struggle. Find the positives. And if all else fails, brush yourself off and  start again.

Are you a patient person? How do you practice patience in your life?


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