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It feels weird to think we are finally in summer, as much as you can be in the UK anyway. I love all the seasons, but I definitely think summer is my favourite. The hot weather, floral dresses, ice-cold drinks and sitting outside eating, reading, relaxing. Obviously it’s going to be very different this year given the whole corona situation, but I still want to enjoy the summer of 2020, because if this year has taught us anything, surely it’s that life is for living?


  • Sit outside in the sunshine and read my book.
  • Get the paddling pool out again.
  • Have a go at making a smoothie bowl.
  • Do yoga outside.
  • Enjoy more evenings sat outside after a cool shower, reading a magazine or catching up on podcasts.
  • Sleep with the windows open.
  • Go to the beach!
  • Do more body brushing.
  • Workout outside.
  • Walk more.
  • Wear neon nail polish.
  • Try a new hair braid.
  • Go somewhere new.
  • Spend time with family.
  • Wear SPF- obviously.


What do you have on your summer bucket list?


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