If you would of asked me this time last year, I would of say I was hands down, a Winter gal. I love wrapping up warm and staying inside getting cosy, but after quite a stressful Christmas period last year and if I’m honest, a shitty winter, I’m in love with summer.

And I really don’t want it to end. This is so unlike me, I love Christmas so the thought of being nervous about these sunshine filled days ending is not what I’m used to.

Maybe I just needed a bit of warmth on my skin, to wake up to bright blue skies, to spend the weekends laying on the grass and living more slower.

I love throwing on a dress and not worrying about putting make-up on, I love knowing that whatever happens that day, I can sit with a cup of tea in the sun and read my book. Or take Harvey for a walk and see all the flowers being in bloom.

I love that when I wake up, the skies aren’t grey and looming and making me not feel as positive as I want to be.

I’m not sure what the aim of this post is, maybe you might have some transition tips for me? I know it’s quite a way away, but I really don’t like dreading things! Especially something that I found such solid comfort in before.

Maybe I just need to remember that just because last winter wasn’t as good, doesn’t mean this winter cannot be magical.

Are you loving this Summer too?


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