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The One Before ‘The One’

It’s safe to say you were my first infatuation.

I won’t use the word ‘love’ as to me, that should be something that makes you feel good. That fills you up inside with a lovely comforting buzz, and makes you feel that you could take on the world. But nevertheless, you were for sure my first heartbreak.

I remember it so well, the days I woke up crying and went to bed with leaky eyes. Everything was difficult, grey, cloudy and in a haze because I was so, so sad. I was 17 at the time and life felt like it wouldn’t ever be the same again. I could literally feel my heart broken. I promised myself this would be the last time I had my heart broken and I would never trust a boy again.

Then, ‘The One’ came along. Well I say came along, it was a long 5 five years before he strode into my life with his bright blue eyes and cheeky smile, and I knew he would be here to stay. He had to break down the walls you built for me, but I knew he wouldn’t let me down like you did, and he brought my heart back to life. But now, it shines brighter than it ever did for you. This time it was the good kind of love. The kind that accepts you completely for who you are, weird quirks and annoying habits in tow.

He’s the guy I want to be my husband, and in a good five or ten years, the father of my children.

So thank you, for showing me that I can survive the worst, and come out stronger. Thank you for the hurt, that caused me to truly find myself and my love. And most importantly, thank you for leaving so someone better could take your place.


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