This time last year I had no idea of the online blogging community. I wasn’t active on here and I never really spoke to anyone who had similar interests to me, whether that was by a direct message or commenting on their Instagram picture.

Over the last few months I’ve realised the incredible power it holds and if its something you are struggling with, I’ve included tips how to ‘find your tribe’ further on in this post.



Whether thats sharing a blog post of yours that they liked, engaging with your social media accounts or just asking how you are doing today, I have received nothing but love from the blogging community. As someone who doesn’t have many in real ‘friends’ and can find herself quite lonely, I would hate to be without it now and the support it provides. I’ve watched various bloggers come together to help each other out, case in point when the lovely Rebecca’s dog had a serious accident and together we raised £3,000 on his Go fund page to support his operations. Together we can do incredible things and make positive changes.



Some days are just shitty (sorry but it’s true), and when you read a blog post about someone going through a similar journey, it feels so, so comforting to know you are not alone and that other people have been through it too, and survived. I know that the times when I’ve been brutally honest on social media about how I’m feeling there is always a few people there to pick me up and remind me that I’m AWESOME.



Theres nothing quite as encouraging as fellow bloggers. Whether that’s having your back if you’re thinking of making this as a full-time gig, or reminding you to keep on the self-care train and to put yourself first, they are all words we sometimes need to hear but never even realised. I’m definitely a person that thrives on positivity, and I like to surrond myself with the same like-minded people. Having a willingness behind you of people who want to see you succeed feels fab.



  • Don’t rush. It can take months, even years so try not to compare how many comments you get on a post to anyone else. We all relate more to different kind of people, and the right people will come. Be patient.
  • Curate your feeds. Are you following people who have similar interests to you? People who you wouldn’t actually mind meeting in person (introvert problems right?) for coffee and cake. Look down your accounts and unfollow people who make you feel bad and focus on the positive peeps- if that’s your thing, of course.
  • Engage! Are you interacting with others? I know at first it can seem quite daunting, but no harm can come from sending a friendly message and most likely they might of wanted to reach out to you too but didn’t want to impose.
  • Focus on what your putting out there. Do you feel like you are truly being yourself? People relate more to honesty and authenticity, so don’t try and be someone else and just be yourself. You’re great as you are!


What do you think to the power of the online community?

  • Thanks so much for these great tips!

    Candice |

  • Courtney Hardy

    These are great points. Empowerment is a good one for sure.

  • Absolutely loved this ❤ it seems so strange to me now that I didn’t have a little online tribe this time last year! You are definitely the member of said tribe who always reminds me of the importance of keeping on the self-care train and injects calm, positive vibes into my feed xxx

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

    • Ahhh you are so lovely lady, and the same goes for you! I admire how much you put into blogging aswell as your FULL TIME job xxx

  • This is such a lovely post to read! I love your tips for finding your tribe, it definitely took me a while to find my way into a community as I started off really shy when I started blogging and being on social media. The power of the online community has taught me so much and I’ve made so many online friends through it which is so nice! 🙂 xx

    Kayleigh |

    • Yayyy thanks for reading lovely, your pictures are always so gorgeous to see on my feed! <3 xx

  • I definitely find it hard to reach out to others and so I haven’t found my tribe yet (although there are lots of amazing bloggers I do connect with and that is so lovely). I just love how blogging can allow communities to come together and that is such a great thing! That’s so much better feeling than a paid advertorial! xx