In my life, I’ve told myself countless stories. I’m a born worrier. I’ll never get a boyfriend. I’ll always be a size _

And even worse that assigning myself to that negative outlook, I’ve held on to it for dear life. Like a sense of belonging, something I can claim for definite to be true for me.

I’ve replayed it over in my head, that that would just be how my life turned out. No ifs or buts, and certainly not something that I could do about it. I didn’t have any power.

But then, I woke up. Granted, it’s took me 25 years, so this definitely didn’t happen overnight.

I realised that I can be exactly who I want. And the best part is that that could change everyday if I wanted it to, too.

I can travel. I can meet new people. I can be ever-evolving.

I can live. In every sense of the word. 

And yes, maybe there are some traits we are born with. But we can break free from them, with enough willpower. We don’t have to be the person who has a story.

We can be our wonderful, magical, happy, sometimes lonely, confused, sad selves.

Every day is a new opportunity to show our best, most authentic us to the world. So let’s do it, and see what life says back. YOU are in control, promise.

  • I adore this Natalie, what a feeling it is to realise this. You are wonderful in every single way. Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us all.
    Peta xx

    • NatalieLeanne

      This made my day Peta, thank you so so much for being so supportive and just the best xxx

  • The Sunday Mode

    This was a perfect post, so beautifully expressed and I think everyone no matter what walk of life they’ve come from can relate to this (I know I can). What a brilliant reminder that we’re all in control of our own lives 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  • Chantelle Nicholas

    Love this!!