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Today, I had a self-care day. I had nothing that I had planned to do, no places to go and no blog posts to write. The day was free for me to do whatever I wanted.

The night before involved many tears from my sensitive self (I’m ok!) and it wasn’t until I was laying in bed this morning did I realise how much I needed a little rest.

I’m definitely guilty of feeling like I’m wasting time when I don’t do anything, and to be honest doing ‘nothing’ can sometimes be a struggle, there is always tweets to schedule, worktops to clean. You get so ingrained into the daily grind that you forget, most of what you do on a daily basis is a choice you’re making. It is not necessarily ‘needed’ for you to function. Guaranteed we all need to work to live (and if you don’t, share me your secret) but the things we add to our lists are usually tasks we’ve created for ourselves. And lets not even mention when you don’t manage to get it all done.

Anyway, back to my day. I spent the morning consuming all my favourite Youtube videos and reading favourite blog posts while eating breakfast. I did a yoga video to wake my body up a little. I had a lovely lunch and then went for a long walk with the pup and finished off listening to two podcast episodes.

It was so nice to go at a lower pace, and really make the most of the day, which is something we all struggle with I think. Weeks fly by and before we know it its the end of November and Christmas is coming up. I think back to the New Year and it’s gone so quickly.

I really want to plan some more of these days in my diary as I really truly felt like I was living life, not just rushing by in a daze until its 7pm and I can get in cosy pyjamas.


Have you had a day to do nothing recently?


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