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I know that it’s currently a bit of a weird time for us all. A lot of people are working from home, and most of us in general will be spending more time at home than usual too. With that in mind, I really wanted to share some ideas of what we can all do to stay positive during this season. I think staying positive is so so important, even in the midst of chaos. It makes such a difference, I promise!

Focus on the little daily joys
Your morning cup of tea. Snuggles with your pet. A hot bath. The blue skies outside. Eating an Easter egg (yep, that’s one I did last night). Counting these small joys and even better, writing a list of them every day will help your mindset feel lighter, and you’ll realise how much you still have to be grateful for.

Create an escape
Whether that’s starting a new exercise program, finding a funny podcast, going on a long walk or escaping into a good book, find an escape. Sometimes we all need to put our phones away and log offline (now more than ever, I think) and have a distraction. Don’t feel guilty about it, a few hours looking after your mental health and not reading the news, will keep you feeling more positive.

Work on projects you usually don’t have time for
With more time at home, that means we have more time to priortise the things that we’ve let go of recently. For me, I want to work on my cross stitch project, and also do some more mindful colouring. I picked up a copy of one of my favourite magazines the other day too so I’m looking forward to digging into that with a cup of tea.

Connect with others
Whether that’s facetiming your siblings, uploading onto Instagram or writing more blog posts than you usually do, using this time to connect with other people who will be feeling the same as you is a great way to distract yourself, and also not feel alone either. I’ve really been enjoying using Instagram as an escape, and checking in with other people there who provide light hearted relief.

Take it a day at a time
Schedule your current day, and try not to think too far in advance. Having a plan for the day will be so important in making you feel organised and that somethings are still somewhat normal, but try not to look too far ahead because that’s when it might feel overwhelming. Taking it one day at a time can be harder than it sounds, but when you do it it really does minimise panic and worry that is so prevelant in these current times.

Will you be doing any of these things this week?


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