If you guys follow me on online and read this blog, you’ll know that I love doing personal posts, and I try my best to be 100% honest and authentic. It is so important to me.

For me, I want to read blogs that speak of substance, that have things to say, and that doesn’t apologise for it. I always strive to publish content that I love and that I think might help anyone out a bit. Whether thats a new beauty product I love or how I’ve dealt with panic attacks. So with that in mind, I came up with this post.



These are all the things that I haven’t posted on social media.

  • Due to my anxiety and fear of flying, we’ve missed out on 2 holidays this year. This was a very low and testing time for me and my boyfriend, but has ultimately brought us closer which I’m thankful for. I really try to see the positive in shitty situations. Some times you have to look harder, but it helps.
  • Even though I’m happy with my body, I still have days when I want to stay in bed and eat kitkat chunkys. I feel like most people get this too? If not, everyone!
  • I sometimes feel uninspired with my place here on the internet and wish I had the follower amount of a ‘bigger’ blogger. I know this is kinda bad to say, but sometimes it’s true.



  • I have two part time jobs and this blog (which I don’t really earn much/if any for), but I worry a lot about money.
  • I want to make blogging my full time career, and I hope I can get there one day.
  • My family are my best friends. I don’t really have ‘friends’ which does make me sad some days, but unfortunately I’ve drifted away from people of my past and haven’t had many opportunities to meet any new ones. Finding friends in your 20’s is freaking hard.
  • I sometimes put too much pressure on myself and forget how far I’ve come, on those days I need to remember that I’m still the same girl who couldn’t leave the house once.
  • I have a very spiritual side that I don’t tend to share too much on the internet
  • Sometimes I get caught in the comparison trap, then feel stupid when I remember that we all are different for a reason.


This was very scary to share, but I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders!

What to you think to people sharing on social media? Should they keep some things to themselves or is it nice to see a vulnerable side?


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