Things I LOVED When I Was Younger

We all love a throwback post! So today, I thought I’d do my own to add to the mix.. 

  • Coming home from school and sitting on the bed, with a Flake yoghurt, watching Art Attack.
  • Putting the gienea pigs on the Barbie truck (none were harmed in this process!!)
  • Watching films on a Sunday afternoon with the duvet in the front room
  • Going to the shops for a 20p mix- I used to eat mine in about 272632 seconds.
  • Getting about 8 easter eggs from different family members. YUMMMMMM.
  • Reading Sabrina magazine, with the purple box you got free! Bloody hell, I loved it.
Let me know if you guys liked this & if I should do another one soon!

What did you used to LOVE?

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