Things I LOVED When I Was Younger

We all love a throwback post! So today, I thought I’d do my own to add to the mix.. 

  • Coming home from school and sitting on the bed, with a Flake yoghurt, watching Art Attack.
  • Putting the gienea pigs on the Barbie truck (none were harmed in this process!!)
  • Watching films on a Sunday afternoon with the duvet in the front room
  • Going to the shops for a 20p mix- I used to eat mine in about 272632 seconds.
  • Getting about 8 easter eggs from different family members. YUMMMMMM.
  • Reading Sabrina magazine, with the purple box you got free! Bloody hell, I loved it.
Let me know if you guys liked this & if I should do another one soon!

What did you used to LOVE?

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  • omgg I loved Art Attack, especially those huge images they created with all of those random objects at the end of the show x


  • Yeeees I used to LOVE Art Attack and actually used to 'play' it at my afterschool group. We'd gather loads of objects and try to make one of the big images from the end of the show. Something else I used to love was just primary school in general! Every aspect of it was great to me and I miss it quite a lot! x

    Olivia – The Northernist x

  • I remember art attack, sabrina and those yummy 20p mix up sweets well!! Xx 90's childhood! : )

    Best wishes –

    Keep Calm and start writing –

  • Yes! I had forgotten about those x

  • Me too! Such good times! No responsibilities! haha x

  • They were great 😉

  • The Sunday Mode

    Oh wow Art Attack brings me back, my sister and I really used to love that show. I wish they’d bring it back on air actually…

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  • Omg yes Art Attack was the best!!! And the Sabrina magazines! The thing I loved most about being a child was having no worries haha!

    Sophie |