I’m writing this post the day before it goes live, so it’s coming freshly squeezed and feels like I’m having a bit of a catch up with you all. I wanted to check in today and talk about a few things I’m enjoying doing lately…


I feel like I’m really pushing my creative limits on my Instagram¬†and I’m really enjoying creating the images I’m putting out there. They seem to take more time than ever (well, sometimes) but there’s nothing quite like that feeling when you feel proud of what you’ve done. Plus those days where you have your mind buzzing with ideas is so exciting, I’m sure other fellow creatives will get what I mean.


I’m talking about my craft projects of course, not being shady! I’m working on a massive cross-stitch project at the moment which I know is going to probably take me up to Christmas but I love the feeling of a big project which you can dip in and out of. I’ve been painting a lot more recently too which feels great.


I’ve been really working on my running lately, and doing two runs a week whilst building up my distance and time is something I’m quite proud of! I’ve never been a natural runner so I definitely don’t find it easy, but I love the ‘runners high’ you get after, especially meaning I can treat myself to some chocolate and a hot bath guilt-free too. My daily yoga practice keeps me grounded and meaning I’m always tuning and checking in with myself, which is invaluable to me.


At the moment I’m reading Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty. I’m always hooked by her books, and this one is no different. I’ve heard it gets a bit weird at the end though so we’ll see what I think to it when I’ve finished it!


I’m just back from 4 days in London staying at my sisters and spending some quality nephew time, which is just the best. I never would of thought I would be as comfortable as I am now travelling up to London by myself, but that just shows me how far I’ve come. Feels good!


What things are you enjoying doing at the moment?


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