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Now that we’re over 6 weeks into lockdown here in the UK, I thought I’d do a little update of the things I’ve been enjoying reading/watching/listening and just generally, doing. Whether that’s to keep myself busy, distract myself from the news, or just do something a bit different. Maybe some of them you haven’t watched or tried yet, and you might like them too.


I’m 3 episodes in to Normal People, I gave the book 4 stars last year so I’m very intrugied as to how I’ll find the show! So far, I’m really enjoying it and it seems to of stayed pretty true to the book. I watched Dirty John which at the beginning was a bit slow, had a great middle, and a bit of a disappointing end I thought, although it is a true story and it was the right outcome, I thought it might have a few more twists and turns. As for films, we watched A Simple Favour the other weekend which I actually really enjoyed, even though I’d heard bad reviews of it. This weekend we watched the new Charlies’ Angels, which of course doesn’t live up to the classic (I love Cameron Diaz) but was pretty alright I’d say!


I’m reading more than ever right now, so a few of the books I’ve really enjoyed recently are:
Conviction: a women listening to a crime podcast who finds herself involved in it
Regretting you: a love-story but not in the way you think
The Unhoneymooners: a fun read that will distract you from the current climate

In terms of podcasts, I’ve been loving the usual ones like Sh*gged Married Annoyed, The Fringe of It, One Step and the Deliciously Ella podcast. I tend to not really switch up my podcasts from what I normally listen to, unless I find a particular episode where someone I’m interested in is being interviewed!


I don’t normally share Instagram accounts in my blog post but I thought I’d do a little list of some of my favourites incase you want to update your feed with some gorgeous accounts.
Creative accounts: @sienna.and.i @allthatisshe @sarah.simple.moments @imagineamy @georgiarosehardy @alexandriaandi @kutovakika @littlepaperswan @memyselfandsteph
Lifestyle accounts: @misskatyenglish @hannahgale @shemademagic @bethsandland @kerryvillers @katieellison @thehelsproject @laurenastondesigns

I’ve also been loving Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit’s Saturday lives (they save them on their IGTV for later on in the week which is where I always watch them).


  • Baking
  • Slowing down
  • The gorgeous weather!
  • Photo editing
  • Treating myself to an Amazon order with a gift card I have
  • Weekly Zoom quizzes
  • Family facetimes
  • Lots of yoga
  • Running
  • Evening routines
  • Slow weekend mornings in bed
  • Painting
  • Connecting on Instagram
  • Youtube watching
  • Magazine reading


What have you been enjoying lately whilst we are in lockdown?


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