I’m making the most of the chatty mood I’m in lately, so today I’m gonna share all the things I’ve been consuming lately (apart from food.. but maybe it should include that next time?)


  • I think I’ve mentioned Dynasty enough times recently, but it’s so good. My new guilty pleasure that I don’t actually feel guilty about at all! It’s on Netflix if you want to watch it, a bit over the top and dramatic but that’s why I love it I think.
  • Dan and I are super into Gogglebox (late to the bandwagon, I know) and we find it SO funny! It’s a real feel-good watch. Granted it’s not a new thing and it’s been going years, but we look forward to it every week.
  • I’ve also been getting back into watching The F1 which I loved years ago but then dropped off it. It’s only a few races into the season and I’m really enjoying being back into it again. Plus it’s not every single weekend so it feels managable to keep up with it!



  • I did a book blog post a few weeks ago so if you’ve already read that one, I won’t repeat myself here! I’ve finished Conservations with Friends which I actually didn’t enjoy, I found the whole plot line a bit weird and the characters unrelatable. I picked it up because I’d seen it a lot on social media, but it definitely wasn’t for me unfortunately.
  • I’ve also been reading Playing Big which I’m loving and is a book definitely worth the hype! I’d recommend it if you struggle with negative self-talk or want to live life being braver, and playing bigger in the world.
  • I’m currently reading The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty, it’s a bit darker than I thought it would be and it doesn’t quite live up to my favourite book of hers, Big Little Lies, which I’d suggest picking up instead.
  • If you’ve read any great books recently I’d love to hear about them, I’m always on the lookout for recommedations!



  • I love Jess & Kayte’s podcast, The Little Chapters. They discuss really interesting topics and are super open and honest in their conversations. I always look forward to tuning in every week.
  • I love Charlotte Jacklin’s and Liv Purvis’ podcast The Fringe of It! It feels like catching up with friends over a cuppa, so much so that I always save the episodes until last because I enjoy them the most. I really enjoyed one of their recent ones with Lucy Sheridan, who I’m a new follower to but I love her!



What have you been into lately? Any recommendations?


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