I really wanted to do another (things to do this weekend) post, but this time a version thats appropriate for when you’re saving up!

There’s always something we’re saving up for, and as much as I love browsing Boots, I have a wedding to save for!


  • Bake something delicious! With certain recipes like flapjack, there’s always those ingredients hanging around. I haven’t baked for quite a while now and I really fancy rustling something up that I can snack on through the week.
  • Go through your makeup and skincare collection. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re also a blogger! Which means that we have a LOT of products (not that I’m complaining). If you have a spare afternoon and fancy feeling productive, create a pile of products that you didn’t get on with or don’t get the use out of, and see if your mum or friend would like them instead!
  • Walk. Where I live in Yorkshire, If I wanted I could literally walk with gorgeous green surroundings to another family members house. I really need to try and forego the quick car trip, get my trainers on and start calling in for a cup of tea (pre-warned of course). Especially when its sunny, there’s really not any excuse is there?
  • Blog. When your a blogger, once you have the weeks posts scheduled, you feel so much more relaxed. When I know I don’t have to run around trying to compile a blog post (with pictures included), I don’t have to stress about creating ideas on a whim and can enjoy my week and leave room to think about future posts within a more reasonable timeframe.
  • Relax. Yep, It’s me telling you to relax on a weekend. Shocker. But that’s what weekends are for right? Especially if you’ve done the above tasks, girl, you deserve chill. Get blankets, tea and Netflix. Plus, a snack. Because I’m really never without one.


Do you have any ideas for anything to do on a weekend whilst saving money?


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