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Considering that it’s January and lets ignore the fact that I spent the first two weeks REALLY fed up, I feel like I’ve got a good thing going right now. Everything just feels good, so I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing lately incase it might help someone else feel better.

A evening sleep routine

If you’ve read this blog before, you might know that even though I love sleep, I find it really hard to switch off and actually fall to sleep. Over the last few months I’ve been really priortising good habits and I have a specific routine I follow every night. No social media past 10pm ish, a 5 minute meditation with my legs up the wall (google this pose it’s SO beneficial for even a short amount of time), pillow spray, rollerball, and then I read my book for at least 30 minutes. It actually works!

Doing things just for fun

I’ve enrolled myself on a free 30 day photoshop course where I can learn new stuff, and it feels so good to be a student again! I was always one of those people that loved school after all. Doing things for fun like learning more photoshop and painting feels really good and makes me happy, whilst also filling up my creativity cup too.


I’m on 22 days of yoga every day so far, and I’m trying to up my running from once a week to twice. Exercise just brings out those endorphins doesn’t it? I’m also convinced it makes me sleep better too! I really want to keep both of these things up.

Focusing on the small joys

This is something I always do but when I get a bit fed up, I do struggle. An afternoon cup of tea, a good book, blue skies, having a nap, walking Harvey, all of these things bring me joy.


I don’t do this every night, but whenever I feel a bit *ick* I’ve really taken to journalling how I’m feeling and just letting go of those thoughts and emotions feels so good. I always feel more lighter and free afterwards so I’d highly recommend it.

Those are some of the things that are really working for me right now. Do you do any of these?


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