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Social media is such a huge part of my life, and I’m sure yours too, that it’s bound to have it’s good and bad moments, like everything in life does. Today I’m talking about by far the most positive thing I love about it, and the side that affects me negatively too.


Connecting with others…

As I touched on in this post, connecting with other people is definitely my absolute FAVOURITE thing about social media. I feel like I would be pretty lonely without Instagram and Twitter as its where I share my thoughts (aside from the blog) and read about the lives of my favourite online people too. It never fails to make me smile when I write a lengthy caption and someone lets me know that they relate in some way. I love it when I see pretty pictures that inspire me and make me want to re-create with my own version, and I love hearing about peoples everyday life in their captions. Instagram is the best platform to connect with others on, in my opinion.

For someone who works at home a lot and doesn’t have many real-life friends, its a lifeline for me that I never want to break.

The comparison trap…

I think the word ‘trap’ is so appropriate here, because once you fall down the comparison loophole, it can feel like you’re not getting out for a while.

This is something I think practically everyone suffers with on a weekly basis. I know I do. I think it’s just human nature to have a look around and see what others are doing, but when we start comparing OUR numbers to theirs, how many comments we get vs how many they do is becomes so debilitating to our mental health. We never see the bad parts of their days, how long they’ve been blogging, or what other life drama they have going on at the minute. I’m pretty sure they will be comparing themselves to others too.

To try and get out of comparing I think its important to not focus on any numbers, even on your own. Focus on the people who show you their support, post whatever feels right to you, and remember there’s also a life offline to be living too.

How do you feel about social media?


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