When the lovely Jaye whipped up a post on her favourite face masks for summer, I knew immediately I had to throw my own recommendations in the mix. Thankfully, I did ask her and she let me steal her post idea, what a gem.

Lets get cracking then, shall we?



I feel like this guy has lasted me so long, and I bloody love it! (Although I probably should throw mine away and buy a new one by now). It’s around £6.00, kind of grainy in texture, but it dries really quickly. My skin always looks super glowy and healthy afterwards, which is definitely what I’m looking for this summer.

I really want to try more of L’oreal’s other face masks, so I’d love to hear your recommendations!


Whenever my skin has broken out, this is the face mask I reach for. I’d go as close to say it’s a miracle worker. It leaves your skin feeling so much less congested than it was previously, and spots have always shrunk down massively too.

If I had to choose my favourite out of these three, I’d probably pick this one! It’s more pricey than a drugstore option, but it honestly can last you so long and there’s nothing quite like the feeling it leaves you when you’re skin just feels… happy. Even writing about it is making me want to run to the bathroom to put it on!



I’ve had this face mask for ages, but I’ve only really start loving these past few months. I use it after my evening moisturiser personally, and in the morning my skin feels so much more plump and hydrated. It can be a bit sticky at first, but it soon sinks into the skin leaving it baby soft!

Most of my skin problems seem to be linked to dehydration, which is funny as I’m forever drinking water, but this is my go-to for most nights of the week and it does a great job. Highly recommend!


What face masks have you been using this summer?

  • Amy Eade

    I’ve not used a mask nearly enough this summer! The only one I’ve used is my all time fave Lush cup o’ coffee (predictable haha!)
    Amy xx

  • I just love the Loreal Pure Clay masks! they do the job well

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  • Rebecca | beautylifebecca

    I have that Loreal mask and I love it too. Im just really bad at actualy remembering to use face masks. I like the sound of the 2 origins ones too.

    • Origins do such a great job at face masks I think! I would highly recommend xx