I remember reading this post by Kat a few months ago (she has one of my favourite blogs so do be sure to go and check it out) and really resonating with the things she had mentioned.

It has only occurred to me recently that I’ve started putting things in practice in my own life, and I thought I’d jot down a few of them today in this post incase you were interested.


Firstly, I have just joined up to an Instagram e-course that I’m super excited about! I won’t mention it too much as I haven’t had the time to sit down and really spend a good hour on it, but I’m looking forward to spending my afternoons getting stuck in with a cup of tea by my side. This did cost a fair few pennies, but I viewed it as a treat to myself.

I’m also investing more time into listening to podcasts and feeling inspired, for the ones I’m loving at the minute read this post.


Not everything that you can do to invest in yourself is costly, for instance, I’ve been switching up doing different workouts each week and my body is really appreciating the mix I have going on and that I’m engaging different muscles. Plus it also means I don’t get bored doing the same thing all the time too.

I’ve also got quite a few massages this year (about every 8 weeks) and they have been fantastic! I know indulging in a massage is not for everyone and can seem a bit lavish, but for me the price is really worth it for the feeling I get afterwards and how different my body feels after some TLC.

Along with massages and a varied exercise routine, I bake a lot more these days than I ever did. I’m always in the kitchen making myself healthy snacks for the week ahead and I really enjoy the process. It also means I get yummy treats which is fine by me.



I’ve been having a lot of ‘active’ rest lately, where when I’m relaxing, I’m partly doing something else too, which stops my mind from spiralling and over-thinking.

Usually when I’m watching TV, I cross-stitch or colour. This means I’m getting a bit more ‘me-time’ in without even realising!


Not every way of ‘investing’ in yourself has to be expensive. Some can be so simple but make such a massive difference.

Other ways you can invest in yourself:

  • Treat yourself to a new work wardrobe that makes you feel confident.
  • Spend some time thinking about changes you want to make in your personal life and make a plan of action to follow through.
  • Notice when you are working too hard, and take a day off.
  • Make a list of things you want to do with the rest of the year, and book one today.


Do you ever ‘invest’ in yourself?


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