Now that we’re in the height of summer, here’s a few ideas for those balmy summer evenings we all love.

Go for a wander, phone-free. We’re all obsessed with the internet these days (myself totally included) but sometimes it’s just so nice to ditch the phone and spend a few hours switched off. I feel like they’re the moments I’m the most present, noticing the green space outside and how lucky I am to live where I do.

Dine al fresco*

I always know it’s summer when I want to eat outside on our decking. It gives me that glorious holiday feeling, and a great way to relax after work. Thanks to the guys at J20, I now have the perfect, low sugar, low calorie drink to enjoy with my meal. The new J2o spritz comes in two flavours, pear and raspberry, and apple and watermelon. (How good do those flavours sound?) I always think it’s nice to have something a bit more exciting than water, as you know I don’t drink alcohol, and now I feel a little bit more fancier when Dan is having his usual cider.

Take your yoga outside. I’ve been doing this a lot recently and thoroughly enjoying it! Stretching with the evening sun feels oh so good, and definitely makes the best start of a relaxing evening.

Start a book club. This is actually something I really want to do with my mum and sister, I think it’d be so fun it we all read the same book every month then we can chat about it after. Plus, is there anything more relaxing then sitting outside in the sunshine reading? I don’t think so!



DIY your outside space. We recently painted our fence a pastel green, and I can’t believe how much happier it made me! Taking the time to do those small touches and putting the effort in really can transform your space into something you weren’t that fussed about, to a place you now don’t want to leave. Next up is convincing Dan that I need an egg chair (even though there probably isn’t enough room).

Have an overnight stay. A bit of a pricey one, but getting away just overnight could be just what you need, individually and as a couple. I think we’re all prone to feeling like we’re on a hamster wheel going 100mph, and it’s those little moments away where everything slows down, that gives you the momentum to keep going.


What’s your perfect way to spend a summer evening?


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