Before we knew it the sun started to set and everyone went from enjoying the evening light to slowly making their way inside for the evening party.


We hired a Magic Mirror which is very similar to a photo-booth, but seemed better in our opinion. It wasn’t too expensive to hire for a couple of hours either and it went down a treat! People loved it. Plus we also got a spare copy of all the photos and people used them to sign our guest book with, which I thought was a really good idea and something we can look back on in years to come.

We cut the cake and then had our first dance, where we chose ‘Hey There Deliah’.

We found it hard to pick a song we both liked for a first dance song, as we both have different music tastes, and all the romantic songs I loved, Dan didn’t really like. I’m super glad with our choice though as it just felt like us. Everyone ended up joining us on the dance floor and it was flooded with happy couples.

We had a hot evening buffet fills with different types of baguettes and chunky chips, plus the wedding cake for afterwards too.

I spend most of the night dancing, and by 12am was totally shattered and this Cinderella needed her sleep.




I can’t quite believe we are at the end of wedding week, it feels like such a long time coming and I’ve loved sitting down to reminise and relive it all over again with you. If you’ve followed along, or just read the odd post here and there, then thank you. I absolutely love this little community and hope to never be without it.

Thank you thank you, for reading and joining us.



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