Lets start at the night before shall we?

Me, my mum and sister actually stayed at the venue the night before, and Dan stayed at his mum’s house with his family. We arrived at about 5 o clock to bring all the extra things for the room to get ready, and went for dinner at about 6 where we had some salads and sweet potatoes fries, then me and my sister headed back to our room for a pamper night!

We both took our time and completed a 6 step facial with the products we brought from home including double cleanses, face scrubs, face masks, oils, serums and moisturisers! My mum couldn’t believe how glowing we looked in the morning. The night before I didn’t feel too nervous, but obviously you’re not gonna sleep your best (despite how hard you try to!). I think I woke up eating biscuits and reading Harry Potter for an hour around 4am but thankfully nodded off after.

This morning of, we had our breakfast delivered (and I made sure to save a pastry for an 11am snack) and I did some gentle yoga.


My hairdresser arrived at 10am, along with our photographer and videographer at around 11am. I felt very lucky because even though I hadn’t met them before, they were both super chilled out and laid back, which was exactly what I would of wanted. They let me do my own thing and I hardly noticed they were there. I really enjoyed doing my own makeup and it was great to have that moment to myself where I could relax and chill out a little. My step-brother Greg came to see us both too which was nice and it felt great to see a friendly face!


Putting my dress on was a complete surreal moment, I was so in love with it and couldn’t wait for everyone to see it. The next half hour was actually the most stressful as our florist turned up and to be honest, she was very flustered and it ended up being quite an annoying 10 minutes. Thankfully we remained calm, and everything was sorted before I waited for my Mum and Dad to arrive to see me.

My sister went to go get our flower girl, page boy and bridesmaid too so we were all ready to walk down the aisle together outside.



We had a great view from our room over the grounds, plus it meant I could be super nosy and spy over everyone arriving, which only made me more excited and wanted to get out there and get the show on the road!



The morning seemed to of fly by, which I kind of guessed that it would. The registrars came to see me for some final details, then it was all stations go as we headed downstairs and I was going to get MARRIED!

I’ll see you tomorrow for all about our wonderful ceremony!


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