I’m sure if your a regular reader of this blog or my Instagram, you’ll know how much I love being creative. To me, being creative can be loads of different things. No longer does it mean you have to be good at painting or a fantastic drawer, I spent so many years thinking I was such an uncreative person simply because I didn’t do well in Art at school.

But it’s so much more than that!

Here’s what being creative means to me…

  • Having an idea pop in my head completely random, and spending the afternoon creating it, with no time restraints or limits. Posting it on Instagram and beaming with happiness that the image in my head turned out as I hoped in real life!
  • The feeling of calm as I use my paints to create different colours and shapes. Brush strokes that feel therapeutic and settle my mind.
  • Letting my thoughts and imagination wander on a walk and enjoying the great outside.
  • Feeling like the possibilities of creativity are endless, and loving every part of it. Yes, even if it means the stuff you didn’t end up happy with and angrily threw in the bin!
  • Marvelling at something that has come from ME, and the pride that comes with that.
  • Spending a few hours in the kitchen baking, and getting lost in my own world.
  • Making up my own yoga flows, dependant on what my body and mind needs on that particular day.
  • Falling to sleep and a blog post idea magically enters your mind! I always hope I remember it in the morning.
  • Painting my nails. Yes, that’s creative to me! Of course, who else is going to choose the colour I want to go for?


What does being creative mean to you?


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