When Jack Wills* contacted me asking if I wanted to collaborate with them on a fitness post for promotion of their women’s joggers I was so excited as my exercise journey definitely hasn’t been the smoothest and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot. You guys know I love to share everything on here, so lets get cracking hey?

At high school you better believe I was one of those gals who was always last in the 800 metres, and I used to try and convince my friends to fake fall-over with me so we could get out of it. It wasn’t until I was a lot older that I realised exercise is so much more than feeling judged by other women about how high you can jump or how fast you can run. And the one thing it’s definitely not, is a competition.

You don’t like running? Don’t do it. The thought of the gym makes you feel rubbish? Guess what, no-one is forcing you to go.

Finding a way to move your body that makes you feel confident, happy and in control is a game-changer, and there’s so many options out there that I promise there will be something out there for you. Try everything! Yoga, pilates, HITT, swimming. Is there a particular thing you loved when you were little, and is there any way to include that into your weekly routine now? There is no rules when it comes to what exercise you should be doing, let your body lead the way.

And my exercise routine now? Well, it depends on how I’m feeling and more importantly, what my body NEEDS. Some days I can do yoga three days in a row, the next two days I want to chill. I can go to the gym, or if I’m not feeling it I’ll simply leave and try again another day.

It really doesn’t have to be a mine-field, so don’t let it.


How do you feel towards fitness, do you think there’s a pressure attached?


*this post was sponsored by Jack Wills.


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