It’s been nearly two weeks since I posted on here (thank you for being patient with me!), and while I’m not yet quite ready to talk about why I left, today I wanted to sit down and write why I’m grateful.

Family. We are all in the midst of grief, and while at times it breaks you to your knees, we are a super close family, and together we stay strong. I feel so lucky that we all have each other and that we really care about how other people are feeling.

This weather. Guys, it is HOT. I’m eating ice-cream every single day. It is pretty glorious and I’m also horrendously sweaty, so there you go.

Podcasts. I’ve got loads of podcasts to get through on my phone, and I’m really enjoying having a massive backlog of interesting episodes that distract me and take my mind off things.

Treating myself. I’ve bought myself a few new pairs of summer shoes, and some slogan tees. Next up on my list is a whole load of new reads!

Taking it easy. Listening to myself, and knowing when too much is enough. Slowing down, and just taking it one day at a time.

Our first wedding anniversary. We’ve just got back from our overnight trip to Lincoln (would you like a post on this? Let me know and I can whip one up!) but spoiler: we loved it! I want to go back so badly.


What are you grateful for?



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