I’ve just checked my Goodreads account and I’m currently on book number 35 of 2021! I remember at the start of 2020 I read lots of five star reads in the first few months, it doesn’t feel like I’ve read that many books I’ve give that title to this year so far, but I’m really hoping for some more in the next couple of months.

EVERYTHING I NEVER TOLD YOU– The most recent five star read. I’ve never read this one before but I did try to a few years ago, and I just couldn’t get into it. Little Fires Everywhere was one of my favourite books ever though, so I had a niggling feeling that I was missing something. When it came up that it was the book for the book club I’m a part of, I was willing to give it another try. I’m so glad I did because I just found it fascinating and I still think about it now months later. It is written in a very similar way to LFE and you can definitely tell it’s by the same author, but I’d say LFE just has the edge over them both for me.

YOU AND ME ON VACATION– I love love loved Beach Read by the same author last year, and while I did really enjoy this, it didn’t quite live up to BR for me. I would still definitely recommend giving it a read and it’s a great summer novel, but I did want a teeny bit more from this book if I’m being totally honest.

THE THURSDAY MURDER CLUB- This is my most recent book and I’m a chapter or two left on it but GUYS, I can’t get on board with it at all. It’s so overrated and even though I’ve basically finished the book I still don’t feel like I know a lot of what happened in it. I liked the characters but the storyline felt all over the place and very confusing, a massive let down from what I thought was going to be a fab book.

SMALL PLEASURES– I’ve heard so many good things about this book so I was really excited to give it a read. While it was good and very interesting, it’s a four star for me. I really liked the twist at the end which I didn’t see coming, but the book as a whole didn’t completely blow me over like I expected it too.

THE LOCK-IN– Another book I just finished a few days ago. This was a fun quirky read, not one I’m going to necessarily recommend to anyone, but okay all in all when teamed with a meatier read that you read alongside it.

MRS EVERYTHING– This was a book I don’t think I’ve heard anyone speak about, so it was a super random kindle deal that I took upon, but I’m so glad I did. It was AMAZING. A book about a super complicated relationship between two sisters and their mother, it follows you thoroughout their lives and is a book I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Pleaseeeee read it.

Have you read any of these?


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