I’m a loyal yoga fan.


This year though, I’ve stepped it up a gear.


Most days now, I do yoga in some sort. Whether thats a more fiery practice, or a few gentle twists, I have to make time for it.


How to appreciate my body

Yeah, yeah, cliche or what. But its true! I think learning to love yourself and your body especially, is one of the hardest things to do. But by doing yoga, and appreciating the fact that with regular practice I can do poses than I could never thought I would be able to do (not there with the handstands yet though guys), and seeing how much I’ve progressed feels so great. Feeling positive in your body is so under-rated and for me, radiates through to my entire life.


Stop the mental chatter

I’m not a person who struggles to give there self  down time. I know how important it is mentally. But even in that down time of yours, you can still hear your mind chattering away. With yoga, I am (most of the time) so focused on the act of moving, that the mental chatter slows down and gives the mind a well deserved break.


Theres no ‘end’

You don’t suddenly become a ‘yogi’. You don’t get bored. There’s no end to yoga. Its constantly a new beginning, a new day, a new attitude. Theres so many different versions to try, poses to try and master. I always love looking for inspiration on Instagram and LOVE ‘yoga girl’ and ‘jessica olie’.


I would love to know if you guys are yoga fans too?! Thanks for reading! xxxx


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