This happy things post is going to be all about the festive feels, so if Christmas is your thing, you might like this one 🙂


#1 Buying some new baubles! Every year I like to treat myself to a couple of ‘special’ baubles, and this year I picked up a three star one from Homesense, and a lovely home scene from Sainsburys. It’s so nice seeing them on the tree.

#2 Having an excuse to eat all the chocolate. A chocolate santa on an evening? Sure thing. The odd celebration or two while watching the TV? There’s no harm in that surely. It’s the season after all. The lovely team at Thorntons send me over a cheeky elf to enjoy on these cold nights with a cup of tea and I’m so excited to crack into it! I always use to get a Thorntons treat from Santa when I was little, so it feels so nostalgic and comforting to be reunited with their delicious chocolate again. They are for sale on their website for £5.00 (£7.00 for personalisation!) , and I think it would make a great stocking filler, plus theres also a 3 for 2 offer on too!

#3 Festive reads. Around Christmas I like to get in the spirit by reading a few festive books, to really soak up all the magic. I’ve just finished One Day in December which I absolutely loved, so if you have any other recommendations for christmas books, I’d love to hear them!

#4 Getting all cosy! One of my favourite times of year is coming home from work, and turning on the Christmas lights and lighting the scented candles. It makes me feel so happy inside!

#5 Being at home. This month I’m going into quite a bit of a hibernation mode, which is completely opposite to last year when I was running around frantic trying to do all the festive things. But I’m loving being settled at home, watching Netflix and taking long hot baths whilst it’s so dark and cold outside.

#6 Wrapping presents. I love wrapping presents so much, and I always start at the beginning of the month so I can do it in sessions, and not feel overwhelmed with just how much I’ve bought to wrap up! I’ve been doing it this year with Vlogmas on in the background, and it makes me so excited.

#7 Festive Instagram pictures. Instagram is so festive and sparkly at the moment, and I’m lapping it up! I’ve tried to add the festive feel to my photos and lots of Christmas goodness, so I hope you like them if you join me over there. I’m enjoying seeing everyone else’s photos too, it’s so magical at this time of year.

#8 Finding the perfect present. I feel like with some of my presents this year, I’ve really nailed it. I can’t wait to see the faces of my loved ones when they open them up on Christmas Day.

#9 Christmas shoeboxes. A few weeks ago at work we did the Christmas shoeboxes for charity, and it always feels good to help people in need out, doesn’t it? I like to imagine all the children will love receiving their boxes and opening sweets, stationary and cuddly toys.

#10 Films galore! I’ve only watched one film this year, but I’m so looking forward to snuggling up over the next few weeks and watching loads of festive films!


Whats made you happy lately? Bonus points if its Christmassy 😉


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