Podcasts are a big part of my life. I listen to them cleaning, driving, going out for a walk. Chances are, if I’m doing something, I’m usually listening to a podcast in the background. That’s why I enjoy them so much, you feel like you’re a part of a conversation and actually learning something whilst you are sweeping the floor or walking to the local Asda. So today I thought I’d share the podcasts in my library…


YOGA GIRL PODCAST (conversations from the heart/ YOGA GIRL DAILY. I love everything about Rachel Brathen. I’m a massive fan girl, and yes I do have her t-shirts. Conversations from the heart are weekly hour long episodes about life, grief, love and what she’s learnt along the way. Yoga girl daily is fairly new and are short snappy motivational episodes every weekday! If I had to choose I would obviously go for the longer version, but I do love the 5 minute meditations on the daily episodes.

DELICIOUSLY ELLA. This podcast really does feel educational. Ella and her husband chat to specialists in all kind of different areas, gut health, happiness, plant based living. I’ve loved every episode on every season.

GET YOUR GLOW BACK. I follow Madeleine Shaw on social media and I like what she’s about. Her podcast episodes are always chatty, friendly, and still to the point. She always has a great variety of guests I previously haven’t heard of so it’s interesting to discover new people.

HASHTAG AUTHENTIC. Sara Tasker of the brand, Me and Orla does a great podcast about everything to do with life and life on Instagram. If you are obsessed with everything Insta, you need to listen to this for sure.

HAPPY PLACE. I love Fearne Cotton so I knew I would like her podcast, although it has surprised me just how deep and personal the conversations get on here (which is totally my bag, if you didn’t guess already).

WITH WHIT. I was obsessed with The Hills and I continued to follow Whitney Port, albeit somewhat loosely. But I’ve been shocked how much I’ve loved this podcast. I love how honest she is about grief because I feel like that’s something I can really relate to.

SUPER SOUL SUNDAY. This is one I’ve had downloaded for ages but only listen to every now and again when I really need it. Oprah is the queen, obviously, but I love the episodes with Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown too.

WHAT I KNOW NOW. This is Amelia Liana’s very new podcast about heartbreak. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it on her Instagram that her engagement had ended, and this podcast is super raw about how she got through it.

ONE STEP. This is Ingrid Nilsen’s new podcast, and because I listened to the one she did a few years ago, I thought I’d give this one a go too. Super glad I did because it’s GREAT. It is so honest, motivational and inspiring that I’d really recommend it to anyone.

ON THE LINE. Estee’s podcast is one of my favourites of the bunch! I love her and how relatable and genuine she comes across. She always has such GOOD guests on here too, I recently listened to the one with Tata Harper and now I’m heart eye emojiing on her skincare products.

THINGS YOU CAN’T ASK YER MUM. This is a super funny podcast by two gorgeous ladies! I can’t wait for season two to come out. It’s like sitting in a coffee shop with two mates.


What podcasts do you listen to?




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