A newsletter was something I had been thinking about for a long time. At the height of a few years ago, newsletters were the *in* thing and everyone had one. Of course I immediately wanted to jump on the bandwagon (because social media) but I couldn’t work out what I could offer with one. How I could make one ‘me’. I didn’t want them to just be something that I felt like I should do, rather than something I really wanted to do. And I wanted to make it different, so I got to brainstorming.

I thought about the newsletters I really like. I read LOTS of newsletters by my favourite creators. I thought about things I wish those newsletters had included, and started to come up with a plan for my own.

I knew I wanted it to be monthly, simply because a weekly newsletter is a massive commitment, and I struggle to blog once a week with all of life going on- so I knew I wouldn’t be able to commit to a newsletter either. I also knew I wanted my art to be the main focus of it. I didn’t want a lifestyle newsletter, although I did want some personal bits in it too.

I wrote down everything I wanted to include (behind the image chats, monthly letters, recommendations, my art in homes) and then I came up with the idea of adding a monthly vlog in each newsletter too! I used to vlog years ago on Youtube, and whilst I loved the actual ‘vlogging’ part, it didn’t sit right with me that anyone could watch it, and it was there for all to see. After some more thinking time, I decided I wanted to attach a monthly vlog where I chat and go behind the scenes of my work, but also show my days in the week too, and make it unlisted, so the only way you can watch it is if you subscribe to my newsletter. It feels like a little family and a safe space where I can be myself too.

I’ve done two so far (the first one included an exclusive discount to my Etsy shop) and I’m on the way to start working on next months too.

If you’d like to subscribe, there’s a sign up box at the bottom of the page where you can pop in your email and hopefully, I’ll see you in your inbox in a few weeks!


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