I feel like I’ve done one of these posts before, but why not do another- the blogosphere could always do with an extra ounce of positivity, and I’m more than happy to be that girl!



I feel like blogging is the only creative thing that I really do. I know that sentence sounds mildly depressing, but I’m not an ‘arts and craft’ kind of person, and DIY’s are not my thing! But thinking of blog posts, writing said posts, even experimenting more with photography (which is what I’m currently doing) makes the creative juices flow and makes me feel happy and that I’m striving to be better and making positive changes. Plus, the satisfaction when you’ve published a post that you’re proud of is an amazing feeling!



The blogging community is the BEST. It still blows my mind that people even READ any of my posts, let alone comment on them saying they enjoyed it! It’s crazy! Since using Instagram and Twitter a hell of a lot more recently, I feel like I’m making my blog known more, and interacting more with other bloggers. Plus, its also a great way to find another new blogs too. Its basically like having an online friendship group.



My blog is my own personal space where I can post whatever I want. I have the control. I don’t have anyone else who can tell me what to post. There’s nobody else’s opinions to worry about or think of. I love that I have my own little corner of the internet where I can write about things that I love, how I’m feeling that day, what inspires me. It really is a passion of mine. Writing sometimes feels like therapy, and can uplift you when you’re not feeling yourself.


What is one thing you love about blogging?

  • Lovely in everyway. I couldn’t agree more. Xxx

    Best wishes x

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

  • You are so right Natalie! Blogging is the only creative outlet I have! It really is such a huge part of my life, not sure where I would be without my little plot of internet! The thing I love most about blogging is that it acts as a form of diary, I love browsing way back in my archives, it is so nostalgic and lovely to rewind to a different chapter of my life 🙂 Immy x


    • I don’t ever look back at my old posts, but I probably should! x

  • Completely agree with all of this! The community is truly amazing, and although my job involves a fair amount of creativity anyway I still love having some where to be creative outside of work! The last one is my absolute favourite though I have to say, having something that is all mine that I’m able to do what I want with has become so massive to me. I have always enjoyed writing, but since starting my blog I’ve fallen more and more in love with it 🙂 Sophie xxx


    • It’s so nice having something that’s your own isn’t it! 🙂 xx

  • Courtney Hardy

    I agree, blogging is really nice because you can express yourself in any way you want, and it makes you feel good to know other people view it. It really is a nice community, and everyone is so supportive of each other. It’s just all positivity.

    • I feel the exact same! It’s great isn’t it 🙂 xx

  • Megan Hillery

    It’s a creative outlet where I feel I can both express myself and show off my writing because it is what I want to do in life – it’s a win win!

    Meg x | the-writeblog.blogspot.co.uk

  • Zara

    The blogging community is just so amazing! I love being able to write in different styles and I love having posts that I can look back on 🙂 x

    • It really is! It’s so nice making time for something you love xx

  • These are all so true! I also think it’s just a great space to really appreciate your passions, and to connect with people who share those interests! Great post x

    • Yesss its full of like minded people which is great! xx

  • Yay for more positivity! I totally agree that blogs are great for creativity and the community is so much fun.

    xx Pia

  • All of the reasons I love blogging too! Your blog is so cute btw <3 x

    Tiffany Tales | Lifestyle & Beauty

  • Laura Torninoja

    Definitely agree with all of these! Especially the creativity bit – my “real” job is not very creative at all, so blogging has definitely become a bit of a lifeline for me. xx

    Laura // Middle of Adventure