Excuse the Bieb reference, I couldn’t resist.

Self-love is a hot topic on the internet these days, and for good reason. To be honest, we shouldn’t *actually* need reminders to love ourselves, but alas that is the generation we are in. Anyone who reminds me to stop strolling and treat myself to a hot bath and a good book is a great person in my eyes.

Even though I preach about self-love all the time, on my bad days I can find it hard to show myself kindness too, which I think is normal.

Loving yourself on a great day where you’ve been a kick-ass girl boss is easy. House is clean, blog posts are published, heck, you even managed a ‘proper’ conversation with more than one friend or family member. But can you show that same love for yourself on the days when you struggle getting out of bed? On the days when you’re in a shitty mood and end up snapping to a loved one who only means well? Those are the times that we need more self-love than ever before.

If your struggling where to even start (and I know because I’ve been there), I would say look at the things that you really like about yourself. I always try to choose things that I love about my personality,┬árather my facial features, for example I love that I’m quite ‘quirky’ which is a good thing, and that I enjoy things other people don’t. I love that I’m very sensitive and feel all the emotions, even though sometimes it can be overwhelming, I know that I love on such a deep level that can feel so incredible and is what I think, makes the world go round. I love that I’m unique and there will never be anyone exactly like me again.

It isn’t conceited┬áto admit that you love yourself. It doesn’t mean you think you’re better than others, or ‘big-headed’.

It’s inspiring. It should be natural.

Lets start a trend of self-love.


Is this something you are working on?


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