Even though we haven’t yet received the full lot of our wedding photos (they are due next week), I couldn’t wait to give you all a sneak peek of our day!

A full wedding week will happening in September so stay tuned for ALL of the details! I’m planning on covering all parts of our day from the ceremony to the makeup, and of course, lots of pictures to go along, too.

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek and look forward to sharing our day with us 🙂 It was such a magical day I can’t wait to relieve it all again with you.



Well, I say beauty rituals, but really, it’s just a bunch of routines that I’ve incorporated into my life recently that have been working amazingly for me, so obviously I wanna share them with you too!


I’m not sure if it’s a well-known fact, but you can actually get the jade rollers that stores sell for ridiculous amounts, on Amazon for about £10. They are the exact same! (Although I am being a bit of a hypocrite because I’ve seen a new rose quartz one that looks amazing that I might need to save up for). I keep mine in the fridge so its nice and cooling, and use it every evening to massage in my face products. I’m not sure what exactly it’s doing for me, but I figure it’s always good to move the skin around and get it all circulated. Right? It’s also great to use when you have a headache. Thank me later.


Whenever I wear makeup, which can be most days or never depending on my mood, I like to do a double cleanse at night to make sure everything is off and my face is super clean. Every morning after my skin looks so much better after doubling up on the cleanser, plus I get to spend longer in the bathroom watching Youtube video’s without no interruption 😉


This has been life-changing! Granted, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but my eyebrows have never looked better, if that’s not too vain of me to say. Plus most days I don’t need to do that much to them either. I am all about the Cara brows!


Every weekend I go full in spa mode, and do myself at least a six step routine. Cleanse, scrub, tone, face mask (or two) plus lots of lovely moisturiser and oils afterwards. My skin absolutely loves it, and it’s so glowing afterwards! I did this the night before my wedding too and it definitely paid off, my mum couldn’t believe how good my skin looked! It always feels nice to invest some time in yourself too.


Do you do any of these beauty rituals?



Hello again! I mentioned in my last post that went live the other day, that I haven’t been feeling very inspired with blogging at the moment. But, I’ve been thinking of what I want to change up around here, and I’ve come up with a game plan. Enter ‘taking my blog back to basics’


I’ve always wanted to get posts up 3 times a week, by 8am. However I’ve realised recently, that even though I do still want to be putting out 2-3 posts a week, I don’t really care what time they go live, and to be honest, I don’t think you do either. I know that the blogs I love reading, don’t seem to have a particular schedule, but when I see a new post pop up, I head on over excitedly to read straight away.


With my last post, I whipped it up from bed before an afternoon nap, and put it live straight away. It brought me back to the old school days of blogging, when I didn’t schedule or write in advance, and just went with the flow. I definitely want to do more than that, and I actually find it so much more exciting that way too.


Something that’s really important to me, is to be proud of my blog. Not that many people in my ‘real’ life actually know about it. It’s not something I shy away from but it’s never something I’ve actively mentioned either, which I think is quite a shame because I do invest a lot of time and hard work into this space. Also, I would love to work with more brands this next few months too (I have a few ones coming up I’m looking forward to sharing!). I love blogging, and I want to shout about it 🙂

Have you ever took this approach to blogging? What would bringing your blog back to basics look like for you?



I had the idea that I wanted to create some more personal, life update style posts on the blog, where I can just sit and chat to you about some stuff that’s been on my mind lately. Hopefully, it will give you more of an insight into me and my life that isn’t offline, plus I’m sure writing these little letters will feel very therapeutic for me too.

With a lot of my posts I do pre-write them, but with this series I’m going to be writing them on the day they go live.


A LOT of things seem to be changing lately. Some amazing, exciting, wonderful stuff. And a few things that are a bit heavier too, and can really weigh you down with worry. Everything feels a bit up in the air recently, but I’m sure with more time it should settle and hopefully, smooth down a little.


I feel like I’m slowly coming to grips with learning how to properly rest, for my body and mind. I’m starting to know when to push myself out of a funk, and when to allow myself time to just be, and reflect, in a calm, cosy place. These past couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can try to do anything, but it’s not feasible for me to do everything. Something I keep trying to remind myself of!


I feel like inspiration is a bit of a funny one to me at the minute. Where my Instagram is concerned, I’m having a ball of a time. But when it comes to my lovely little blog, I feel a bit stalled. I wouldn’t say I feel uninspired with it currently, but sometimes it does feel that way unfortunately. I’m hoping the more posts I do like these ones will help me feel a little better about it. Some days I just wonder if people still read blogs anymore? But then I remember that I never started it for anyone else anyway, it was totally as an outlet for myself, which it still is today.


  • We’ve just finished Good Girls on Netflix and it was SO good! You should definitely check it out.
  • Anything my girl, Chelsea writes. Her blog always speaks to me, but more than ever these days.
  • Keeping my jade roller in the fridge, it’s heavenly!
  • This cleansing cloth which removes makeup with just water. It’s amazing.
  • Abi’s pregnancy announcement vlog made me so happy for her. Watch it for all the feel good vibes!


What’s on your mind lately?



When was the last time you gave yourself a break?

Mentally, physically, emotionally.

And not when you reached your limits and you knew you needed one, but purely because you wanted one, it was something your soul was craving, that space where everything feels a little bit lighter after.

It’s definitely been something I’ve incorporated into my life lately. Time where I just do whatever feels right. Sometimes that can mean sitting down and just listening to my breath, sometimes it might be going for a walk and letting your mind wander. I always find it so interesting to see what crops up in that quiet time. Where my mind immediately goes. And on the super good days, it just stays in the moment, feeling gratitude for what I have right now. Those snippets of wonder are what I live for.

Giving ourselves to be completely free to the moment that is before us, is so important for our happiness levels. Well, I think so anyway! We didn’t arrive here with a mind that goes 100mph, a body that never gets thanked, and a mental capacity that never stops.

I think it’s really valuable to remember that. To tune into ourselves, will never be time that is wasted.

Little tips and tricks of how I’ve included this into my life:

  • Whenever you remember, inhaling a big deep breath and shrugging your shoulders up, and then letting them drop on the exhale.
  • Noticing your senses. What little things can you see right now that you missed the first time? For me today it was a beautiful little butterfly dashing around on the plants.
  • Really feeling how your body moves throughout exercise. What feels natural and what doesn’t.
  • Taking a few moments before my yoga practice to sit and just be.
  • Recognising when I’m enjoying meditation, and when it’s okay to leave it after a few minutes if it doesn’t serve me on that particular day.
  • Enjoying that first sip of tea.
  • Reading and putting my phone down- it’s blissful!
  • Having a nap if you really need, or want one. I’m averaging 1 or 2 a week at the moment.
  • Thinking of 3 things you are grateful for, right now.


Will you be doing any of these?

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