I… is for Imagination
J… is for Jumping
K… is for Key
L… is for Levitation
M… is for Magic
N… is for Nature
O… is for Open
P… is for Pen and Paper
Q… is for Quiet

Which one is your favourite of this bunch?


A… is for Apples
B.. is for Butterfly

C… is for Clouds
D… is for Discover
E.. is for Emptiness
F… is for Fireflies
G… is for Growth
H… is for Harvey

Which is your favourite of this bunch so far?


Photo from my Instagram

Let be just start off by saying that September was a really hard month. Probably the hardest of the year, which I mean, it’s been a shitty 2020 but WOW. Thankfully, things are starting to look up now, so I feel very grateful for that, and I definitely acknowledge that things had the potential to have been even worse. Sending love to anyone out there who had a really rough month too!


More time offline. I definitely have had some full offline days this month which has felt really good. I’ve started to stop being as present on Instagram on a weekend, which feels a great balance. I’m trying to post over there 4 times a week at the moment, and then spend the rest either creating content for the week ahead, or having some no phone time. To be honest though, with everything that has been going on at home, being online has been a bit of a saviour for me and a GREAT distraction.

Upping my step count. I wanted to up my step count this month, and I would say I definitely was more active this month, but granted, I’ve had some off days too where I just needed to rest after a long run for example. I still feel really happy that I’ve been walking a lot more than I did a few months ago, and now it’s a habit I’ve found easy to stick to.

A new membership. I’ve definitely felt really creatively inspired these last few months, and I’m so happy with my Grow & Glow membership, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying digging in to all the archives, and I’ve joined an online course that starts next week too!


Meditate more. I’ve let my meditation practice slack a little over the month, so I want to make it more of a daily habit. Even if it’s just for 2 minutes a day, I notice a massive difference in my mood afterwards, so it’s worth it.

As you can see, I only have one goal for October! Due to it being a hard few weeks, I want to go easy on myself and not put any unnecessary pressure when it’s not needed. Goals will resume next month I’m sure.

Do you have any goals for October?

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