Lets check in with how February’s goals are and see what I have planned for March!


  1. Sell two of my prints. I’m so happy and proud of myself to say that I did this! My next goal is to hit double digits by the time it’s my birthday in April. Maybe by then I’ll have added one or two more prints too.
  2. Read 3 books. I’m not actually sure how many books I’ve read in February, but I know it was definitely more than 3. If I had to guess, I would probably go with somewhere around the 5 mark!
  3. 2 (or at least 1) run a week. Happy to say I achieved this goal too! Most weeks I’ve done 2 5k’s a week and really enjoyed them! I run outside with my dad and it’s like our little catchup routine.


  1. Embrace my local area. Hopefully with this gorgeous spring weather we’ve been having, it will continue and I can make the most of it by exploring our local area more. I want to try do a few outdoor activities too, and make the dog walks more interesting by trying different routes. I think we’re all itching for a change of scenery at these times aren’t we?
  2. Try new things.  I’ve been trying new yoga teachers, and I also want to try some new online exercise classes too. I’ve got a few new craft things to work on and hopefully I can pick some more up throughout the month. I’ll report back on what I come up with!
  3. Get a broader range of meals. This kind of relates to the previous goal, but I know I for sure get bored of all the same food and meals all the time. I’ve been trying to have a bit of variety everyday so I’m getting different nutrients too which is a bonus! I’m not the biggest fan of cooking and definitely a creature of habit, but I’m willing to change that slightly for more variety!

Do you have any goals for March?


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