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To say it’s the last month of a crazy year, is nothing of an understatement is it? I’m sure I’ll talk more about ~this year~ in another post, so for todays post I want to share with you my December goals, of which I’m really excited about!


My Lockdown List. Obviously the last month we were in a national lockdown, however this week our area will be going into tier 3, so nothing much will really change around here. On this lockdown list I put on running twice a week and doing the majority of my Christmas shopping- both of which I did!

Journal everyday. This is something that although at times I found it hard to stick to, I really really enjoyed and it’s definitely a habit I want to keep with in the future. I find the practice of doing it daily a bit overwhelming, but I definitely want to do it more reguarly because it seems to really work for me.

Afternoon me-time. I thoroughly cherished my afternoons at home and I did slow down this month at times where it was possible, of course at other times life got in the way, but that’s okay too.


My first (virtual) half marathon. Okay so I’m slightly terrified about this one, but coming up I have my first ever half marathon. I did my last long training run a week ago so I’m ready to go and feel prepared and rested for it when it arrives. Eeeeek!

My next photography challenge. I’ve challenged myself to post everyday on the 1st-24th of December on Instagram. Another goal I’m really nervous about but I think I can do it!

Enjoy the festive season (whatever it looks like). And I hope you do, too.

Do you have any goals for December?


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