If you think about why you started to blog or share on social media, it most likely wasn’t to hit a number or ‘goal’ threshold. For me it was writing about things that inspire me, and it just so happened that there are people who are on my wavelength too, which is so awesome and make the journey *even* better.

Yet these days, we often forget about why we started and we set focus on the end destination, hitting that 1k on Instagram or reaching 2,000 Twitter followers. And as soon as that happens, you instantly move onto the next goal, and so forth and so forth…

TRUTH: No number will make you happy.

The whole mindset is one I unfortunately have experienced many times, but not anymore! Its so easy to get caught up in the game of comparison and growing numbers that it instantly kills my passion that I have for my blog and social media.

There will always be someone with more or less followers than you, that is life and thankfully, the real world doesn’t really care about how many numbers you have. Being a genuine, real person will always be better, in my opinion, whether you have 10 followers or 10,000.

I won’t suddenly reach a ‘perfect’ number and be done, the goal posts will always move, and I won’t ever feel satisfied or happy at where I am at now. And that would really suck.

So now, I’m focusing on what I love sharing, engaging with others and feeling so grateful for the ones who comment and like what I do too.

Share what inspires you.

Post what you want to post.

And for the love of life, don’t constantly check and compare┬áthe┬ánumbers.

Don’t do this for the numbers. You are worth so, so much more than that.



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