Please note, I’m typing this on a Saturday evening after a much-needed short few minutes on my yoga mat, after a super busy but great day. But I felt like I needed some time to myself to de-compress.

As with most of my slight epihanes, they pop up after a few stretches and some time to really think and see what’s bothering me. Tonight’s was the idea that I have to know all the answers.

I think I’ve always been like this, I find comfort in the finality of a decision. I like to know what’s going on, the knowledge keeps me feeling safe, secure and somewhat in control. But really, we will never know it all.

And maybe we never should.

Maybe the joy and journey and intense struggle that life can sometimes be, is teaching us that in the end, there is no perfect answer. There is nothing for us to search, cling and hold ourselves to. Life isn’t a solid structure of comfort, security and routine, and there isn’t a rulebook to follow.

Maybe after all this, there is no need to know it all, because it doesn’t exist.

There is no right answer.

There never was.

Do you ever struggle with this?


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