October was a really tough time for me, and us as a family. Wading through every day felt like treacle sometimes, and I was clinging onto those little slices of joy such as an afternoon nap or a walk in the sunshine to keep me going. Thankfully, things are looking up now. But as I type this, the UK is going back into a national lockdown on Thursday. Obviously November’s goals are going to be stay at home based, and while it’s uncertain times ahead, know that if you’re reading this I’m really hoping you’re doing well and okay out there.


I only had one goal for October, and it was to meditate more. And I did! Pretty much everyday I would say, and even though at times it could of been 2 minutes, it really does help my health and wellbeing, and make my mind feel much calmer and at ease. I just used the timed meditation part of the Calm app, which I’d highly recommend!


My Lockdown List. I’ve made a little list of the stay at home things I want to do this time in Lockdown. Things such as running at least twice a week, finishing my christmas shopping (and not using Amazon) by December, and also completing my current craft project. These things will keep me occupied and give me a bit of focus in these tricky times.

Journal everyday. I’ve journalled for a few years now, but I’ve got out of the habit of doing it everyday. I find it really valuable, so I want to do it every day this month and I’m looking forward to seeing what crops up for me.

Afternoon me-time. Over the last couple of days, I’ve really started to treat a free afternoon as a bit of me-time. I read a bit in bed, take harvey for a walk, or do some yoga, and I’m loving having that bit of space that is just for me, a little space in the day where I can choose what I want to do to serve me.

Do you have any goals for November?


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