1. You can’t just accept it. It truly isn’t something that you get your head around and understand. It feels like maybe it will never sink in.
  2. The pain stays the same. I’m not sure if I believe in the saying ‘time is a healer’ here, because although you do manage to get back on with everyday life, the pain you feel is exactly like the pain you felt when it first happened. It doesn’t go away or fade, not for me anyway.
  3. It changes you. I’m a different person now. I hand on heart believe that it’s hard to relate when you have experienced loss. You just can’t. In some ways I’m more understanding now with other people in this situation, but I also feel a little harder too because of the pain.
  4. It can come at any moment. For me, grief comes in waves and in so many different emotions. That’s a part I feel is hard to manage because one minute you feel ok, and the next you don’t. I’ve felt so many different emotions throughout this that are unfamiliar to me, but I know are all a part of the process.
  5. You realise how strong you are. To carry on with life after experiencing pain like you’ve never imagined just shows you how strong you truly are. I think we as humans are so incredible to go through this and keep going.
  6. No one really talks about grief. I can understand why because it’s such a powerful topic, but after being opened to such a different world, I think it’s so important to discuss it. It’s probably the most challenging time you’ll ever have, so why don’t we talk about this? If we don’t, how can other people feel supported when they are going through the same thing?
  7. People forget and get on with their lives. Which is understandable, but sometimes frustrating too.
  8. People don’t know what to say. I’ve been there, so I know that this is true. Sometimes there is nothing to be said, other times just a hug or a ‘I’m here if you need me’ can help.
  9. Having support from other loved ones who are feeling all the same things you are, is a massive rock to hold on to. It reminds you that you are not alone in this.
These are just a few of the things I’ve experienced within these last months. Hopefully none of this can be taken offensively, I have just wrote from the heart and how I’m feeling at this point.

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