It’s a few weeks since I posted our wedding posts, so I asked on Instagram if any of you had questions, and thankfully some of you got in touch (along with my mum!). I thought this would be a great way to talk about the day more informally, so let’s start shall we?


What was your favourite moment of the day? This one was asked a number of times by different people!

I’d have to say my favourite moment of the day was probably before I walked down the aisle. I had a moment when I was stood with my Dad, where I just felt overcome with happiness and emotion, it was quite magical and I’m sure I’ll always remember it. Walking down the aisle itself was a favourite moment too, I was so happy to see Dan.


Did you keep your veil and fancy shoes on all day, or did you get changed into something comfy?

I actually wore flat shoes on the wedding day, because I’m not a heels person and I wanted to be feel like myself. So I ended up keeping them on all day and night, and I think I did the same with my veil too! I didn’t want to take none of it off!


Was there anything you spent money on that in hindsight you wouldn’t do again? 

Ooh this one made me think! I’m not actually sure that there was. The most expensive part of the wedding (apart from the venue) was probably the photography. But I really did choose Emily to do our photos for a reason because I am so in love with her style, and because I knew these pictures would be ones we would cherish forever, I was happy to spend it.


What’s your advice on choosing a venue?

I’d say definitely have a tick-list in mind of what you already want. Whether that’s an outside space for the ceremony, or a place that provides its own food. In terms of budget, it is important but I think depending on certain days/seasons it can make it more affordable. Look around and make sure you’ve visited all potential venues before you make a decision!


How did you stick to a budget without getting caught up in wedding planning?

This was definitely something we both had to be careful of. We were in a very fortunate position where we did have help from our parents, but we really wanted to pay a large majority of the costs ourselves as it felt more comfortable, it was our wedding afterall. I think we did pretty well in that we didn’t go overboard, and cut down the costs by not including certain traditions, which I’m planning on speaking about in a blog post soon! I would say definitely have an overall figure in mind that you want to stick to, and work from there.


Were you nervous?

I actually wasn’t nervous at all on the day! The week before and especially the morning of I felt quite nervous, but nothing too extreme and more excitement really.


I hope you enjoyed this wedding post, and as I said earlier I do have another one planned, so hopefully I’ll see you back here for that!


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